Because It Makes My Heart Beat Faster

It’s everyone’s nightmare. You’re home alone one night and something wakes you. Was it a noise? Or do you just have a feeling that something’s not quite right? Sleep-befuddled Jonathan Fairchild doesn’t really believe it’s a burglar. It’s more likely to be his wife, who walked out on him two days ago.

Yes, it’s Liz, back with her tail between her legs, he thinks as he creeps downstairs. Still, strange she hasn’t put the lights on… and that’s when the man shoves him up against the wall and puts a gun to his head, whispering “Your time to die…”

It’s the start of the longest night of Jonathan’s life. He has been “chosen” and it’s the Intruder’s duty to carry out the execution. But before he kills him, he needs Jonathan to “confess”. Jonathan protests he’s innocent, he hasn’t done anything, it’s all a terrible mistake; but as the Intruder says, “everyone’s guilty of something”.

Jonathan begs the Intruder for mercy, but the gunman is unrelenting. Jonathan begins to suspect that there may be darker reasons for his predicament; that this is in fact a game of psychological torture and that Liz is behind it.

As the Intruder interrogates him, Jonathan is forced to revisit his relationship with her: the seduction, his early obsessive love for her and her gradual disenchantment. But what did he ever do to his wife that warrants a death sentence?

“Because It Makes My Heart Beat Faster” explores the heights and depths of romantic love – and the terrible things that people can do to each other in its name.

“A dark tale which touches on the latent violence lurking beneath the most civilized of exteriors….compelling” – The Times

Recent Amazon Review – An intriguing suspense mystery, February 4, 2012

By MrWrite (NYC)

This review is from: Because It Makes My Heart Beat Faster (Kindle Edition)

“Once again, Peter Michael Rosenberg has created an intelligent, well written novel. The book starts with a bang as Jonathan, while in bed, hears a noise coming from downstairs, investigates and in no time at all finds himself being menaced by a man with a gun, who tells Jonathan it’s his time to die. As Jonathan tries to unravel the mystery of who this stranger is and what he wants, all while trying to stay alive, we are taken back through Jonathan’s life. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that Jonathan has issues and we are led to wonder who the bad guy really is. The finale comes rather fast but it has a clever little twist.

One thing I’ve noted before with this author, he is very adept at using locations and making them seem like an extra character. This book is no exception. His description of the Greek Islands makes you want to go to your nearest travel agent and book a flight immediately. Although I’ve never been to those islands, I feel like I know them through reading this book. Mr Rosenberg also has an excellent command of the English language and skilfully tells a tale that is always entertaining.

The story of Jonathan’s courtship with Liz is often amusing, tittilating and at times, disturbing.

All in all, a cracking read. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a suspenseful story.”

Read an extract or buy a Kindle copy from or Also available for Nook at Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

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