Daniel’s Dream

A novel of dreams and desire, an exploration of guilt and wish-fulfilment – and the very real dangers of having your dreams come true.

Daniel’s work as a photo-journalist has taken him all around the world. But following a serious accident in which a colleague is killed, his injuries – both mental and physical – prevent him from going much further than the end of the street. Depression, anxiety and horrendous nightmares plague him for months, and neither doctors nor friends – nor even his lovely wife Lisanne – seem able to do anything for him.

Then in a moment of reprieve, Daniel wakes from a dream unlike any other he has ever experienced – a wondrous dream which takes him back night after night to the blissfully idyllic Greek village of Atheenaton.

Before long, Daniel is living a double life – a life in which his dreams start to take precedence, much to the concern of those around him. And the night be meets the beautiful, captivating Veronique, he determines to find some way of staying there.

But when Daniel’s requests to extend his stay are refused, and his questions continue to be ignored, he begins to suspect that Atheenaton may not be the paradise it seems after all, but something altogether more sinister…

Amazon Review – 5.0 out of 5 stars Daniel’s Dream, 4 Mar 2011

By  WildMike “WildMike” (Kent, UK)

This review is from: Daniel’s Dream (Paperback)

“I read `Daniel’s Dream’ while on holiday some years ago and it’s a terrific read. Rosenberg’s writing really shines in the vivid dream sequences where the main character, suffering from the effects of a serious accident, finds another existence in a remote Greek village. You can almost smell the Greek food and feel the warmth of the sun as you’re reading it. I’ve read a couple of other Peter Michael Rosenberg books (`Touched By A God Or Something’ & `Because It Makes My Heart Beat Faster’) and he seems to have the ability to create stories and characters that stay with you long after you’ve read the last page. For a well written and ultimately moving story `Daniel’s Dream’ comes highly recommended.”

Read a sample or buy a Kindle copy from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. Also available for Nook at Barnes & Noble and for Kobo.

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