Kissing Through a Pane of Glass

Kissing Through a Pane of GlassMichael Montrose, young, naive and fresh from university, is travelling alone around India when he meets the strange, alluring Liana. Enchanted by his exotic surroundings and bewitched by Liana’s breathtaking beauty, Michael is seduced and falls deeply in love. Everything seems perfect – except for Liana’s sporadically odd behaviour.

As their relationship develops it becomes clear that there is more to Liana’s outbursts than Michael initially suspected, but enraptured by the erotic intensity of their passionate affair, each further proof of her instability merely strengthens his attachment to her.

It is only when they return to England that Michael begins to discover the truth about Liana, finding himself unexpectedly drawn into a mystery more harrowing and more tragic that he could possibly have imagined.

“KIssing Through A Pane Of Glass” was the winner of a Betty Trask Award for best first novel by a  UK writer under 35.

“An accomplished storyteller” – THE TIMES

“A deep and insightful portrayal of tortured love… powerful and disturbing” – LITERARY REVIEW

“A disturbing cautionary tale about the danger of demanding your heart’s desire… a compelling guide to romantic pain and responsibility” – SHE

“Very readable… Rosenberg writes about sex with a beguiling honesty” – TIME OUT

“The story is a moving one, skillfully told” – FINANCIAL TIMES

“A touching story” – SPECTATOR

“An impressive debut” – NEW WOMAN

“A wonderfully written and at times quite chilling story of obsessive love… I am convinced we have a major new novelist breaking through here” – TAMWORTH HERALD

Read a sample or buy a Kindle copy from or Also available for Nook at Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

2 thoughts on “Kissing Through a Pane of Glass

    • Hi Julie – thank you so much! Your generous comments are the sort that every author longs to hear, and I’m really delighted that “Kissing” made such an impression. It was my first “solo” novel (I had written a collaborative book previously) and so it still means a lot to me, and your endorsement is greatly appreciated.

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