The Fig Tree – a fable

In a far away land, Hassan – a tomb raider – decides to make a dangerous journey across unmapped deserts in search of a mythical crystal flask believed to contain the elixir of everlasting life.

Short story.





Amazon 5 star review:

5.0 out of 5 stars – A Fun Short Story For All Ages

January 29, 2012 By Christine Wenzel (Mexico / Canada)

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This review is from: The Fig Tree – a fable (Kindle Edition)

P.M. Rosenberg’s fable has all the ingredients of the classics, but he delivers the story with a modern day voice and some humor. Hassan “the most famous thief of Egypt”, is about to retire and leave the grave robbing business, to the younger more agile thieves. But, he plans to do one more heist and with his reward languish out his days in the lap of luxury. Equipped with a map that has no names, only symbols; an ancient legendary guide book to lost treasurers, that he lucked upon amongst hundreds of bookstalls; and his unbeatable resolve, Hassan sets out to do what many have tried and none succeeded. That is, to find the crystal flask holding the elixir of eternal life.

I enjoyed reading The Fig Tree, It took me back to my years growing up reading about lost cities and the promised fountain of youth. A fun short story for all ages.

Read a sample or buy a Kindle copy at or Also available for Nook at Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

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