The Uncertainty Principle

Jonathan Muon’s world is falling apart. Or rather, as he nears his thirtieth birthday, he finds himself ensconced in a world which refuses to behave in a recognisable way. Instead, Jonathan’s world is governed by the rules which actually apply at the microscopic, atomic level… with bizarre consequences.

Obsessed by his non-existent sex life, his dreams of unseen yet threatening figures with huge choppers, and the machinations of his office co-workers, Jonathan must learn to cope with the curious behaviour of his world, in which telephones transmogrify into plucked chickens and his sense of time and place becomes unreliable.

Whilst dealing with the impending sense of doom that hangs over his upcoming birthday, he must also reach some sort of understanding with his boss Jake (who Jonathan believes is really a goat in managerial clothing); Jane, the siren at the office who tempts him mercilessly (“Venus in a pencil skirt”), his sexy flatmate Christine and his best friend Ray (who wants to break his legs). How will Jonathan come to terms with the increasingly bizarre nature of his reality? Will he actually reach his thirtieth birthday in one piece?

And what exactly is he going to do about the skeleton in the stationery cupboard?

Read a sample or buy a Kindle copy at or Also available for Nook at Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

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